GoGaS - Radiant heating for industrial halls

Highly efficient and eco-sensitive radiant heating systems

High intensity heater KMI: Flexible and efficient space heating

The greatest GoGaS innovation in the high intensity heaters sector, the Series KMI, is the ultimate premium system. When governments were considering the efficiency of decentralised hall heating systems, the KMI was undoubtedly one of the inspirations. With the Series KMI, the innovative “warm heart” is freely suspended in a 3D-enclosed isolated chamber. Hot combustion gases at about 650°C flow around the combustion chamber from all sides, and the gas/air mixture undergoes extremely effective pre-heating. The almost perfect combustion of the combustible gases is virtually pollution-free. The high temperatures are conducted via two individually adjustable Feran secondary reflectors into a thermal radiation arrangement which is beyond compare in its efficiency. This innovation from GoGaS creates different radiation profiles depending on the setting, tailored precisely to suit your hall.

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Low intensity heater with condensing technology TRIGOMAX

After intensive research and development work, GoGaS presents its innovative TRIGOMAX. The flue gas heater exchanger uses residual heat to simultaneously achieve peak values with regards energy saving and CO2 reduction with low investment costs. TRIGOMAX is immediate: The heat is available immediately, no storage or permanent outlet is needed outside the hall. The system works within the condensing range even at full load. Whether as an individual device (10 to 40 kW) or in a flue gas collection system (30 to 500 kW) – with TRIGOMAX a plastic, condensate-resistant exhaust system can be used.

Tailor-made heating systems

Our decentralised heating systems work without distribution losses and allow you to design zones of different temperatures. Our product spectrum includes:
  • High intensity heaters
  • Low intensity heaters
  • Patio heaters
  • Stadium heaters
  • Ventilation technology
  • Regulation technology

Radiant stadium heaters increase the comfort on the stands

The Donbass Arena in Donetsk Ukraine, the Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf, Ajax Amsterdam, Vitesse Arnheim and the Norwegian Viking Stadium in Stavanger as well as the World Championship Stadium 2010 in Johannesburg: these are just some examples. All over the world, more than 20 top addresses profit from the energy efficient GoGaS stadium heating systems. Starting with only 0,02 € operating costs per seat and match. The spectators, no matter whether a fan in the standing rooms or a VIP guest, will be grateful to you. They will stay longer and increase your income through a higher Catering and Merchandising turnover. The GoGaS heating systems are easy to install and to maintain and especially equipped for the use in outdoor areas. A subsequent installation is possible without any problems

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Energy efficient premium solution for heating of outdoor areas

The unique combination of technology and design doesn’t just win over our customers: In 2011 VARIOMAX won the Plus X Award as "Best Product of the Year 2011". It is not just the visual appearance which counts with VARIOMAX - the corrosion-resistant aluminium housing makes it wind and weather resistant. The patio heater is mounted directly onto the house facade. You can chose between the versions: Gas infrared (liquid gas, natural gas), electric or LED (for lighting).